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Videos with Tags 2

Videos with Tags 2

You can find the Taxonomy term IDs here. Or go to Content Management > Taxonomy > List > Video Player. These are Video Playlists.

Create a video node. Content Management > Create Content > JW Player Video.  Finding "Video Player" you just created and select in "Video Player:" JW Image is the thumbnail. Any image will resize.  Paste in any video provider URL (YouTube, Vimeo, etc). Can't upload movie file. Dan can create abilities if we ask, however it's complicated. 

Then find page/node you'd like to place the series of videos. To attach the video player with a specific term ID, in the body of a page add "view:jwpb=block_1=XXX" (without quotes but inside square brackets), where XXX represents the desired Taxonomy term ID.  Hover over word edit in Taxonomy List item (ex: Diabetes) to see url:

Videos with taxonomy term 'Diabetes', or ID 651: