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Clinicians: A Career in Migrant Health

Clinicians: A Career in Migrant Health

Migrant Clinicians Network has long recognized the importance of clinician recruitment and retention issues, and has attempted to assist both health centers and clinicians in their efforts to develop stable, quality services. Many of our programs have been geared toward helping to augment the skills of clinicians through continuing education sessions, cultural competence training, and development of practice tools and models for working with mobile populations. For those seeking employment in the field, we have compiled the following resources:

1. There is a national network of Health Center Program grantees that receive federal funding to provide health care services specifically to migrant farmworkers. Check here for a directory of these organizations. If you have a particular geographic location in mind, contact organizations in that area directly and talk with the Human Resources Director or Medical Director.

2. Many Health Center Program grantees that serve migrant farmworkers also serve their larger community.  By including all Health Center Program grantees in your search, you will increase your options significantly. Check here for a directory of all Bureau of Primary Health Care sites.

3. Are you a National Health Service Corps scholar or loan repayer? This is a great way to do the kind of work you want to do while getting your student loans paid off.

4. There are a number of online job banks that might be useful.

5. Primary Care Associations (which are regional- or state-based) are also a good source of information about job opportunities for clinicians in MHCs. Check here for a PCA Directory.