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The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Mobile Patients

We at Migrant Clinicians Network have a priority to support both clinicians and the vulnerable patients they serve. MCN continually  develops strategies and resources to support health centers, health departments, community groups, and clinicians as they reach out to communities that are often overlooked and give care to patients who might otherwise have nowhere to go. We remain highly concerned for the vulnerable populations that already encounter numerous barriers to health and to care.

Recommendations are changing every day. As new data are gathered and research is carried out, our understanding of COVID-19, how it works, how it spreads, and how to prevent it, including vaccines, is refined. Necessarily, our recommendations must adjust. Please continue to review recommendations from the CDC and adjust strategies accordingly.

To keep up to date, please subscribe to MCN’s blog. On our blog, we regularly update our FAQ: The COVID-19 Vaccine and Migrant, Immigrant, and Food & Farm Worker Patients, available in English and Spanish. Subscribers get notified of new updates. You can also follow MCN on Facebook or Twitter.

MCN Works in Partnership with the National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants (NRC-RIM)

Please choose from the categories below for more information and recommended resources.

Latest COVID-19 Resources

End of covid emergency
What’s the end of Public Health
Emergency for COVID-19?

bivalent vaccine updates
Updates to Bivalent COVID-19
Vaccine Eligibility

Vaccination is

COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Campaign Resources


COVID-19 General Resources

Close Up of COVID virus


Low-Literacy and Multilingual Resources

MCN's COVID-19 webpage banner image
A selection of resources to hand out to patients, including photo and image options to use on social media and/or text message.


Farmworkers and Essential Workers

Immigrant worker and migrant worker populations make up a large portion of the U.S. workforce but are disproportionately impacted by work-related illnesses.

These populations are also prone to facing health disparities due to lack of access to needed health care.

Farmworker and Essential Worker FAQ



CDC/OSHA Guidance for Employers and Businesses

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COVID-19 Vaccine Resources



COVID-19 Resources for Pregnant People

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Respirators and Masks

A clinician puts on PPE

Emotional Support

 The Witness to Witness Program


Tools Against COVID-19 Misinformation

Deconstructing Health Messages - Prezi Presentation


MCN Policy Statements on COVID-19

A construction worker wearing protective equipment


Webinars Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic


MCN's COVID-19 Blogs