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Worker Protection Standard

EPA has initiated rulemaking to amend the agricultural worker protection rule (40 CFR Part 170) and the regulation for the certification of pesticide applicators (40 CFR Part 171). A multi-year analysis of program needs and deficiencies and an extensive stakeholder involvement process identified a need to update these rules to achieve their public health and environmental protection goals, meet evolving demands and improved understanding of risks, and satisfy statutory mandates. A May 2005, Report on the National Assessment of EPA's Pesticide Worker Safety Program (National Assessment) issued by the Office of Pesticide Programs identified, among other needs, regulatory issues that should be addressed. The potential changes are organized in the two broad categories of Applicator Competence and Agricultural Worker Safety.

Within each area, there are issues related to (1) Protective Requirements, and (2) Operational Efficiencies.

MCN and Farmworker Justice are participating in an EPA workgroup to provide input of data, expertise and perspectives on critical issues for Agency consideration in the rule making process.