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Project Background

Project Background

Migrant and seasonal farmworkers are one of this country's most vulnerable and invisible populations. Almost all live below the federal poverty level, with poor health due to poverty, transitional living, demanding physical labor, lack of services and social isolation.

Since 1991, the MMHP has provided primary healthcare services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers throughout Maine. Over 1100 farm workers and their family members are served each season during the harvest of broccoli, tree planting, tree thinning, eggs, apples, produce, blueberries, cranberries, Christmas trees, and wreaths

Three mobile units and nursing and medical teams travel throughout the harvest camps offering care, health education, case management, and transportation. MMHP outreach workers are skilled medical interpreters. All materials are bilingual and service providers are trained to recognize the linguistic and cultural needs of migrant communities. The MMHP collaborates year-round with growers, state agencies, local organizations and primary care providers to offer the best possible access to care.

MMHP offers a public voice to the issues affecting migrant and seasonal farmworkers by educating stakeholders and raising awareness about the often unseen population on both the local and statewide level. As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization MMHP is funded through private grants, donations, and by the federal Bureau of Primary Health Care.