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Oregon Law Center Indigenous Languages Strategies

This organization, based in Woodburn, Oregon, has 3 community outreach workers and a receptionist in their office who speaks indigenous languages (Mixteco Alto and Mixteco Bajo). 


They utilize the following strategies to communicate with clients who speak indigenous languages:

1        Audio Materials: The Oregon Law Center puts important information and scenarios on tapes and CDs in indigenous languages for their clients

2        Radio: The employees at the Oregon Law Center who speak indigenous languages create radio ads for local Spanish language stations in indigenous languages.  They also participate on 2-3 radio shows per month. 

3        Presentations: They also do around 5 community presentations per month for workers (some of which are done in indigenous languages). 

4        Identifying and training interpreters for indigenous languages: They collaborate with the Oregon Judicial Department to provide training to become court interpreters for people who speak both an indigenous language and Spanish. 


Contact Information:

230 W. Hayes St.

Woodburn, OR 97071

Julie Samples

(503) 981-0336