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Migrant Clinicians Network

Charity West (she/her) is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, studying psychology (BA), Plan II Honors in interdisciplinary writings and discussion, and minoring in Holocaust and Genocide studies. Joining Migrant Clinicians Network as an intern during her time in university, she works to cultivate informative writings about the world, migration issues related to genocide due to forced migration, the psychological effects of witnessing violence, and health resources. Through her internship, she has been able to join meetings and gather information to help broaden an understanding of the rising issues at hand.

West plans to pursue clinical psychology after graduate school. She believes meaningful interpersonal communication and active listening can help guide and find the correct solutions to those suffering traumas and other general lifestyle anxieties. Outside of school, she is passionate about quality time with her family back home in Dallas, faith-based activities, crafting, and spending time in the sun exploring new activities. She enjoys talking and sharing the things she loves with other passionate people, demonstrated by her job as a University of Texas Tour Guide.