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Introduction to Migrant Clinicians Network Portal for Enrolling Patients Into Health Network

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Introduction to Migrant Clinicians Network Portal for Enrolling Patients Into Health Network
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To assure care coordination for mobile patients, Migrant Clinicians Network's (MCN) Health Network program offers continuity of care and treatment completion by providing comprehensive bridge case management, medical records transfer, and follow-up services for mobile patients. This follow-up webinar to the Health Network Care Coordination Program for Mobile Patients discusses how to use the (MCNs) Portal for enrolling patients, uploading documents, and checking on status of previously uploaded documents.

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Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to…

  • Enroll the health center in the portal for use when enrolling mobile patients 
  • Upload the necessary documents needed to provide care coordination for mobile patients 
  • View previously uploaded documents


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Data Operations Analyst

Migrant Clinicians Network

Saul Delgado is a highly motivated professional with a diverse background in migrant justice at the crossroads of health care and technology.  In 2011, inspired by his mother, a dedicated nurse in Cuba, Delgado enrolled at Southern Careers Institute, graduating with specialization as a Medical Assistant. He then assumed the role of a Medical Assistant Floater at the Austin Diagnostic Clinic. There, he demonstrated skills in managing varied responsibilities across the Pulmonary, Cardiology, and Nephrology departments.

In 2013, Delgado joined Migrant Clinicians Network, where he assisted migrants with ongoing health needs to find care in their next location, as a Health Network Associate. Over the years, Delgado has exhibited a keen aptitude for technology, assuming significant responsibilities in the development and customization of the Health Network database. After working as MCN's Health Network Data Specialist, he has advanced to become MCN's Data Operations Analyst I. His expertise has played a vital role in optimizing the database to cater specifically to the needs of enrolling clinicians and their Health Network Associate partners, thereby enhancing the efficiency and impact of their work.

Delgado's professional trajectory showcases a commitment to excellence, a blend of medical proficiency, and technological acumen. His strategic contributions in health justice and health technology underscore his dedication to advancing both fields and making a positive impact on the community he serves.