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The Venezuelan Exodus for Healthcare Providers - Session 3: A Venezuelan Migrant's Journey to the North

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The Venezuelan Exodus for Healthcare Providers
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Since 2015, an estimated 5.3 million Venezuelans have migrated to Latin American and Caribbean countries. Despite the efforts made by host country governments to promote temporary visa programs or cooperation alliances to manage migration, many Venezuelans have decided to travel through the Northern Triangle countries, bound for the United States.

This webinar will present a narrative of the migrants' journeys through the countries of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico, and the efforts made by these countries to meet migrants’ needs. Likewise, MCN’s Health Network will share the experiences they have had with Venezuelan migrants in the United States, which is vital to prepare health care providers for the ongoing influx of Venezuelan migrants.

Requests for political asylum in the United States in the first quarter of 2022 was three times that of 2021. Many analysts predict this level of migration will continue as a migratory trend. This seminar provides a space to discuss possible strategies that the countries of the Northern Triangle and Mexico can take to make migration a more humanitarian process.


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Dr. Luis Sánchez

Dr. Luis Sánchez obtained his medical degree from the Universidad Mayor de San Andres, Bolivia. He also has a master’s degree in clinical pharmacology in Primary Health Care from the Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacological Research in Milan, Italy. Dr. Sánchez holds a master’s degree in public health and epidemiology from the Universidad Mayor de San Andres, Bolivia. He currently serves as a professor at the Da Vinci University in Guatemala, and as Secretariat of the Social Observatory of Tuberculosis in the same country. He also works as faculty and training consultant for MCN. Dr. Sánchez is the Focal Point of the TB Coalition of the Americas and the Global TB Caucus for Latin America and the Caribbean.

He has authored multiple publications on tuberculosis and has participated in the development of the National Strategic Plan of Guatemala as well as the manuals of standards and procedures in tuberculosis and leishmaniasis.

Deliana García

Deliana García, MA is the Chief Program Officer, International Projects and Emerging Issues at Migrant Clinicians Network. Ms. Garcia has dedicated more than thirty years at the local, state, national and international level to meeting the health care needs of migrant and other underserved populations. She works in the areas of reproductive health, access to primary care and infectious disease control and prevention. Ms. García develops and has led more than 1000 hours of clinician and community health worker training on infectious and chronic diseases and programs to assist migrants remain in clinical care as they move. She is responsible for the development of a health data transfer system to make available across territorial borders the health records of migrants requiring continuity of care. Ms. García serves as a liaison between the governmental and nongovernmental health organizations. She serves as a subject area expert in migrant health. Ms. García is fluent in Spanish.

Mónica Fossi
Mónica Fossi
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Facilitator / Moderator
Migrant Clinicians Network