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COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Campaign Resources

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COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Campaign materials

Migrant Clinicians Network, in partnership with the National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants (NRC-RIM), created the following campaign resources. Below you can find links to materials for COVID-19 Vaccine awareness campaigns for Spanish-speaking and Haitian Creole-speaking communities, as well as materials that can be edited to any language. Print and social media campaign materials are available, as well as resources for campaign organizers, including a campaign manual, campaign roll-out outline template, template emails, and template social media and print toolkits, in addition to other materials. The materials are low-literacy materials which use high-quality graphics for an image-centric approach. The campaigns are designed to be led by members of the community you wish to reach. 



COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Campaign: Spanish

COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Campaign: Haitian Creole



Learning Collaborative Videos, Power Points, and Evaluation Links



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