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The COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 Pandemic and Mobile Patients
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We at Migrant Clinicians Network have a dual priority to support clinicians and the vulnerable patients that they serve. MCN is presently developing strategies and resources to support clinicians as they reach out to communities that are often overlooked and give care to patients who might otherwise have nowhere to go. We remain highly concerned for the vulnerable populations that already encounter numerous barriers to health and to care.

  • Recommendations are changing every day. As new data are gathered and research is carried out, our understanding of COVID-19, how it works, and how it spreads is refined. Necessarily, our recommendations must adjust. Please continue to review recommendations from the CDC and adjust strategies accordingly.

  • Always presume that the virus is present. Our understanding of its spread remains limited. Asymptomatic individuals may be unwittingly spreading the virus. In the absence of extensive testing and given our early understanding of the disease, take full precautions as if COVID-19 is present.

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Please choose from the categories below for more information and recommended resources.

Farmworkers and Essential Workers


Farmworkers must have access to testing and medical care; farms must be prepared to provide quarantine and isolation housing. Read MCN's position statement, "Testing of Agricultural Workers Helps Essential Workers Stay Safe and Healthy", available in English and Spanish, and use the accompanying algorithm to help guide farm owners, outreach workers, and health authorities to prepare for farmworker testing. 

MCN is gravely concerned about the implications and repercussions of recent comments about the cultures and personal lives of essential workers. Such statements point to a gross disregard of the critical need for emergency worker protections and further endanger workers by distracting from the urgency of implementing new protocols to ensure worker safety.
Read MCN's position statement: Racist Rhetoric About Workers Must Stop; Emergency Protections Must Increase
Available in English or Spanish

Farmworker and Essential Worker FAQ

Farmworker and Essential Worker COVID-19 FAQ: English | Spanish
Learn MCN’s recommendations on farmworker health, outreach to farms, farmworker transportation and housing, and for growers.


CDC Guidance for Employers and Businesses

A construction worker wearing protective equipment


Low-Literacy and Multilingual Resources

MCN's COVID-19 webpage banner image
A selection of resources to hand out to patients, including photo and image options to use on social media and/or text message.


Respirators and Masks

A clinician puts on PPE


Mental Health Resources and Support for Frontline Clinicians

The Witness to Witness Program


Webinars Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic 




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