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COVID Vaccine Resources

COVID Vaccine Resources

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MCN Resources


FAQ: COVID-19 and Migrant, Immigrant, and Food
& Farm Worker Patients (English, Spanish)


Updated Vaccine Eligibility

Who Can Get the Updated
COVID-19 Vaccine (English, Spanish, Haitian Creole)


Protect Yourself Against COVID-19 Trifold

COVID-19 Vaccine Trifold for General Audiences - (English, Spanish), and Haitian Creole


Protect Yourself Against COVID-19 Trifold

Children and the COVID-19 Vaccine Trifold - (English, Spanish), and Haitian Creole


COVID Variants

Vaccines, Masks, and COVID Variants | Handout & Template (English, Spanish)


What to expect covid vaccine

MCN/ECMHSP Fliers: What to Expect When Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine (English, Spanish, Haitian Creole)


Yo me la puse poster

"Yo me la puse"
COVID-19 Vaccination Posters (English, Spanish)


Eva Galvez PSA

PSA: 'COVID-19 Vaccine: Dr. Eva Galvez, a physician serving migrant and immigrant communities'
in English and Spanish


Eva Galvez interview

Interview: 'COVID-19 Vaccine: Dr. Eva Galvez, a physician serving migrant and immigrant communities'
in English and Spanish


COVID Catchup Banner

FAQ COVID-19 Catch-up: Video FAQs (English, Spanish)


I was exposed


I Was Exposed to COVID-19. Now What? | MCN Testing & Masking Flowchart (English, Spanish, Haitian Creole)



flu poster


Poster promoting free flu vaccines (Spanish, Haitian Creole, and English)

Other Resources


COVID Myths and Facts


Moses Lake Community Health Center - Myths Vs. Facts Fact Sheets in English and Spanish



Berkeley Media COVID

Berkeley Media Studies Group - Primer on 'Communicating About the COVID-19 Vaccines: Guidance and Sample Messages for Public Health Practitioners' (English, Spanish)


NPR logo

NPR - Recording 'Why Many Latinos Are Wary of Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine' (English)


CDC - COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkit (English, Spanish)




Your local epidemiologist

Your Local Epidemiologist - COVID updates (English)


CDC logo

CDC - Evidence to Recommendations Meeting notes 2023 (English)


vaccine equity planner

Ariadne Labs' Vaccine Equity Planner (English)



free covid tests

The Department of Health and Human Services and USPS's website which offers information about free testing sites (English, Spanish)


CDC logo

CDC: COVID-19 levels by county (English, Spanish)



nrc-rim logo

NRC RIM's End of the Public Health Emergency (English)



CDC Communication

CDC General Guidelines and Communication Resources (English, Spanish)



CDC printable resources

CDC COVID-19 Materials: The printable materials are offered in various languages and with infographics



PAHO logo


PAHO/WHO Communication Materials (English, Spanish)


Mexico covid resources

Mexico COVID-19 Materials: Resources from the Mexican Government (Spanish)


CIELO logo


CIELO COVID-19 Resources in Indigenous Languages of Latin America (English, Spanish)





The American Public Health Association’s Get Ready page and resources (English)



equal access language services


Equal Access Language Services



Videos from the refugee response


Videos from The Refugee Response (English)





RAC - Fully editable and pre-made COVID-19 resources (flyers, social media, press release, and more) (English, Spanish, Russian) 




ECMHSP Flyers: Let's Fight COVID-19 Together (English, Spanish, Haitian Creole)


Hesperian logo

Hesperian’s new fact sheets (as part of their excellent HealthWiki) (English, Spanish, French, and other languages)