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Five on Friday: Maternity Care at the Border

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Five on Friday: Maternity Care at the Border

In McAllen, Texas, MCN’s Nahiely “Pinky” Garcia reports that there is still plenty of good news in this troubling world. She works as a Health Network Associate, linking pregnant asylum seekers and their families with care, from the MCN office inside of the Catholic Charities Respite Center close to the US-Mexico border.  “We have been having new babies here at the Respite Center along with birthdays of new immigrant arrivals,” Pinky told us. "Today, one of our pregnant mother's water broke so a new baby is arriving soon!” Congratulations to the new mothers and their growing families, and thank you, Pinky, for the report. Such updates from the field remind us of why we do the work we do – to support the migrants and immigrants who struggle to get care, especially during overlapping crises where barriers to care grow even taller. Here’s a double issue of Five on Friday – ten articles and studies shared by MCN staff this week to keep us updated on the many overlapping issues affecting vulnerable populations today. Stay safe and healthy out there!


essential workers looking at paperwork

Essential workers continue to face significant health risks despite their essential status – and, what’s more, many are experiencing economic uncertainty. Kaethe shared this article from the LA Times, “These essential workers face evictions and could become homeless during pandemic.” 

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Food and Agriculture Vulnerability Index Dashboard

Amy shared a great new tool from Perdue, Food and Agriculture Vulnerability Index Dashboard, which seeks to “quantify the potential risk to the supply of agricultural products as a result of farm and agricultural worker illnesses from COVID-19.” 

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graphic representing "longhaulers" and covid-19

As time goes on, our understanding of COVID-19 increases. Kaethe forwarded on this illuminating piece from the Atlantic, on long-term effects of a COVID-19 infection: “Long-Haulers Are Redefining COVID-19.”

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samples being tested in a lab

Laz shared “Large study suggests convalescent plasma can help treat Covid-19, but experts have doubts” from STAT News. 

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A child putting on a mask

We’ve been talking a lot about the mental health consequences of COVID-19. Laz shared the AFOP article, “The Hidden Symptoms of COVID-19,” on mental health needs among agricultural workers.

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Alma in Massachusetts shared an article in Spanish: “La comunicación es clave para proteger la salud mental de los niños durante la pandemia de COVID-19 (y más allá)”

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A woman talking with a clinician

Amy also shared, “Migrant child died after release from detention, attorneys group alleges.”

COVID-19 has resulted in numerous additional health risks. For example, intimate partner violence is up, and vaccination rates are down. Kaethe shared, “Domestic violence rose during lockdown — and injuries are dramatically more severe, study finds.”

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Catch-up to get ahead

Theressa forwarded on the new resource on childhood vaccinations, Catch-Up to Get Ahead Toolkit.  

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Paralink home page

Weekly Win: Locals are stepping up to serve their communities. Amy shared the NPR radio story, “Georgia Teens Create Company To Print And Deliver PPE To Health Care Workers.”

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immokalee workers

Weekly Win: Claire offered up, “How Immokalee-based Mision Peniel has had to adapt amid COVID-19 regulations.”



Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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