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Five on Friday: COVID-19 Variants and Vaccination

Five on Friday: Covid-19 Variants and Vaccination

This Friday staff have shared some serious updates in the world of COVID-19 as well as an outstanding win that MCN staff and others have been working towards for years.


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The future looks grim, as a new study shared with us by Kaethe highlights projected deaths across the US caused by the Delta Variant of COVID-19. Read more here: Changing Dynamics of COVID-19 in the U.S. with the Emergence of the Delta Variant: Projections of the COVID-19 Simulator

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Outside of the UT Southwestern Medical Center

Karen shared an article about the new Lambda Variant of COVID-19. As the delta variant has encouraged migrant, immigrant, and other communities around the country to get vaccinated at higher percentages, the arrival of the Lambda Variant could be another alarming motivator. Read more about the Lambda Variant here: 5 things to know about the lambda variant and its arrival in Dallas

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A wildfire burning on mountain

The Guardian ran an article chronicling Latinx dairy workers in Wisconsin, entitled, “‘It’s Five Years Since a White Person Applied’: the Immigrant Workforce Milking America’s Cows.”

Kaethe shared The Harvard Gazette’s Link between wildfires and COVID cases established, an article highlighting how changes in the environment can increase the risk of getting COVID-19.


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A doctor in PPE at the hospital

Jillian shared, COVID unit doctor low on compassion for unvaccinated people, an article by a clinician imploring the public to be vaccinated and which highlights common arguments clinicians hear regarding why the unvaccinated to not get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

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Farmworkers in the field

Weekly Win: MCN is thrilled to share that the Biden administration has banned the use of chlorpyrifos on food in the U.S. This win is for farm workers and children, two groups who have been harmed by the pesticide for years. MCN, along with Earth Justice and Farmworker Justice, and so many others, have worked so hard over the past many years for this ban to take place. Read more about it in this Washington Post article.



Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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