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Five on Friday: Removing Barriers to Vaccination

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Five on Friday: Removing Barriers to Vaccination

Many of our staff in Texas have been offline due to the storm, but MCN staff still had plenty to share – just mostly from staff members who don’t live in Texas. Lots of love and warmth to all of those struggling from this devastating storm. For those with the time and the internet access, here are five pieces we'd like to share with you:


People hugging

Kaethe shared the Urban Institute’s blog post, “Urban Wire  Poverty, Vulnerability, and the Safety Net.”

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Doctors speak with patients

Kaethe also forwarded on the AP News piece, “Latinos Face Barriers Like Fear, Language in Getting Vaccine.”

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A closeup of someone receiving a vaccine

Amy appreciated the quote from, “The myth of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Covid vaccines: Why false perceptions overlook facts, and could breed resentment,” a recent STAT News article: “Whatever vaccine they show up with, you take it, because that is the best decision you can make on that day for your health.”

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Farmworkers harvesting in the field

Claire forwarded on, “Coronavirus Devastates California Farm Workers,” from Capitol Weekly. 

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People protesting with signs

Weekly Win: Ashley-Michelle says, “When fundamental humanity is recognized, it’s significantly harder to press for laws that enforce their classification as ‘other’: “The Biden Administration Is Ending The Use Of The Term “Illegal Alien” In Many Government Communications.”




Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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