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Five on Friday: Migration and Climate Disaster

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Happy (almost) New Year! For the last Friday of the year, we are excited to share some of our favorite books, movies, and documentaries. This pace change gives us a chance to reflect on some of the long-form media pieces that impacted us here at MCN. 


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Laz suggested "Flee," an animated movie about a boy who leaves his home in Afghanistan to join his brother in Sweden. Powerful and dark, exploring the loss of native language, family acceptance, and the horrors of human trafficking and LGBTQ issues. The movie is available on Hulu now.  

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Marsha sent "Solito" by Javier Zamora, a riveting memoir from the perspective of a nine-year old boy traveling the treacherous journey to the border, recounting his fears, disappointments, and the surprising acts of kindness and love found along the way. We suggest shopping local, or you can order online through the author’s website. 

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Brian said he “went on a Jorge Castaneda reading spree this year” and highly recommends “Ex Mex: From Migrants to Immigrants,” a book that explores young immigrants from Mexico and their reasons for migrants. He also suggested using Thriftbooks to order. 

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Renée read “The Undocumented Americans” by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio. The book is about the experiences of the author and the stories of many undocumented immigrants across the USA. 

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“Katrina Babies,” a new HBOMax documentary was sent in by Robert. The movie follows young adults that lived through Hurricane Katrina as children and the lasting impact of the disaster and racial injustice on their lives.  

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Have a wonderful New Year's Eve! We'll see you in 2023!