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Five on Friday: COVID Deaths & Gaps in Public Health Data

 Five on Friday: COVID Deaths & Gaps in Public Health Data

Friday is here again! Why not ease into a lovely May weekend with five reads on health justice, offered up by MCN staff? While not all are feel-good stories, we will end on a positive note with a double dose of the Weekly Win. So, pull up a cozy chair, grab a cup of iced tea, and read on!


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Many conversations this week internally centered around the leaked Supreme Court draft on Roe v. Wade. Kaethe shared Your Local Epidemiologist's recent rundown of data on abortions and what bans do, in terms of overall health, access to health care including reproductive health, and more. Bottom line? “A law will not decrease the number of abortions. It will shift where people get abortions, increase the number of illegal abortions, directly and indirectly impact the health of women, and worsen health disparities in the US.” Banning Abortions Will Not Stop Abortions

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Kaethe also shared the New York Times article on a new World Health Organization report that tries to quantify the total number of deaths over the course of the pandemic, including the millions of premature deaths that occurred as a result of the pandemic but not directly from COVID. The figures vary by country, and large gaps in public health data remain, but the estimations are staggering. Death Toll During Pandemic Far Exceeds Totals Reported by Countries, WHO Says

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Claire forwarded on the announcement of this May 12th webinar, where participants learn how “multidisciplinary health care teams apply and share solutions to unmet needs while addressing multiple community-based interventions that will help strengthen your health center’s SDOH practices.” SDOH Academy Innovations Showcase Competition Webinar


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Weekly Win: Robert shared the NPR article on the American Academy of Pediatrics’ new policy. A US Pediatricians' Group Is Trying to Eliminate Race-Based Medical Guidance

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Weekly Win: Clinicians have voiced their frustration with the slow rollout of Paxlovid since it was released in December – but changes are coming soon. Biden Will Make Paxlovid, A Highly Effective COVID Drug, Available to More Pharmacies

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Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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