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Five on Friday: Free Vaccine Doesn't Mean Equal Access

     Free Vaccine Doesn't Mean Equal Access

The weekend is here again! That means it's time for Five on Friday, where MCN staff offer up must-read news pieces and resources that we shared amongst ourselves this week. This week's listing includes a double weekly win.


Model of Polio virus

ICYMI, Aníbal shared this Politico article that details how polio is spreading rapidly in New York state. Make sure your community members are vaccinated! New York Declares 'State of Emergency' as Polio Continues to Spread

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A child being vaccinated

MCN celebrated the publication of this op-ed, co-written my MCNers Amy and Ed, in the Baltimore Sun. A teaser: “When migrants and immigrants are left more vulnerable to [COVID], then we solidify pre-existing structural racism and health disparities, we fortify those barriers they face, and public health efforts fail. Governments — federal, state and county — need to step up their funding and make CHWs a sustainable, permanent part of US public and primary care systems to give migrant and immigrant communities real access the vaccine. Only then will the vaccine truly be equitably distributed.” Free Vaccine Doesn’t Mean Equal Access for All

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A worker spraying pesticide

Robert forwarded on this insightful new report, from Farmworker Justice in partnership with the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems at Vermont Law and Graduate School. Exposed and At Risk: Opportunities to Strengthen Enforcement of Pesticide Regulations for Farmworker Safety


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A person standing on a mountain

Weekly Win: Amy shared news of Patagonia's bold and paradigm-shifting new approach to business; 98% of ownership has been placed a 501(c)4 called Holdfast Collective tasked with advocating for the planet. Earth Is Now Our Only Shareholder

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A person standing in the sun.

Weekly Win: On the heels of the passing of significant climate legislation and during a protracted and unprecedented heat wave, California Governor Gavin Newsom passed several bills aimed at amping up the Golden State's efforts to protect workers and vulnerable people from the effects of the climate crisis, particularly heat stress. Kaethe forwarded the announcement to us. Extreme Heat Warning System, Guidance for Pregnant Workers, and Other Heat Bills Newsom Signed

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Have a safe and healthy weekend!