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Five on Friday: World Health Day 2023

   Five on Friday: World Health Day

Today is World Health Day! Regardless of location on the planet, economic status, migration, or any other factor, all people need access to quality health care when they need it – it’s a human right. We at MCN continue to strive for health equity and access for all. To do that work, we keep close tabs on the changes in the world of health justice. Here are some articles we read this week that we would like to share, including a double Weekly Win. 

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A pregnant woman talking with a clinician

Ed recommended this newly published article in the Annals of Family Medicine, which found that having a “community support person” in the room during childbirth reduced the frequency of acts of racism by the clinicians: Community Support Persons and Mitigating Obstetric Racism During Childbirth

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Meat processing workers

Amy shared this Economic Policy Institute blog post, adding, “These are rather alarming figures, and as the blog points out, are likely just the tip of the iceberg.” An Average of 27 Workers a Day Suffer Amputation or Hospitalization, According to New OSHA Data from 29 States

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The women who authored the book featured in the article

Aníbal forwarded on this article (in Spanish) on the multiple fronts of violence that immigrant women encounter: Mujeres inmigrantes: víctimas invisibles de múltiples violencias

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An elderly person who has just received the vaccine

Weekly Win: Amy & Ed commented on latest on the COVID front: a new dose for older and immunocompromised people should be approved in the coming weeks. Ed says he'll be getting it when it's available: FDA to OK Second COVID Booster for People 65 and Older

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 A bottle of Narcan

Weekly Win: Narcan is over the counter! Del sent us the great news, which was quickly followed by news of plans across the country for police departments, libraries, and vending machines to have it available. Learn about the drug and what it means that it's over the counter in this PBS NewsHour/AP article. Narcan Just Got Over-the-Counter Approval. Here’s What You Need to Know

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Have a safe and healthy weekend!