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MCN’s Newest Impact Report: Practical Solutions for Migrant Health in Action

2022 impact report

Every spring, Migrant Clinicians Network takes a moment to look through the prior year, reflecting on how we’ve made progress toward our goals and mission, building practical solutions at the intersection of vulnerability, migration, and health, and supporting the health and well-being of thousands of people along the way.

This year, our 2022 Impact Report demonstrates how our team has had widespread impact, including in clinical education, environmental justice, community engagement and advocacy, case management, and mental health support for clinicians.

Highlights include over 1,200 people enrolled in the Health Network program, over 40,000 vaccines distributed at MCN-sponsored Ventanilla De Salud events, and almost 5,000 workers trained on issues like disaster preparedness, workplace safety, and in continuing education for health workers.

MCN also made a major transition: our founding CEO, Karen Mountain, MBA, MSN, RN, has retired, making 2022 her last full year of leadership after a long career with MCN. Stepping up to the position is Kim Nolte, MPH, MCHES, a long-time health advocate with a career in public health and reproductive justice.

“MCN had an impressive reach in 2022, providing critical services and information to those in greatest need, whether through our important services such as Health Network and Witness to Witness or through our training and TA to clinicians and community health workers,” Nolte said. “MCN will continue to build on our history and momentum creating practical solutions for mobile populations and those who serve them. Migration should never be a barrier to optimum health and well-being."

MCN is excited to move into the future, pursuing greater thought leadership and responsiveness to emerging issues, supporting language justice, building capacity for our Health Network team, and fighting for better protections for migrant workers and marginalized communities. 

Download the full report, in English or Spanish, to see the highlights of our last year. A hearty thank you to our creative and hard-working Communications and Graphics Designer, Giovanni Lopez-Quezada, who organized and designed this engaging, useful summary of our recent impact.

To celebrate MCN’s impact, Karen’s long career with MCN, and her devotion to those we serve, MCN has created a campaign to help us bolster our sustainability and begin our next chapter. Support our future endeavors by contributing to Moving Mountains with MCN.