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New MCN Podcast Miniseries on COVID’s Lasting Impact

COVID's Lasting Impact

Is there more to learn about COVID care for vulnerable communities? Turns out, there are a lot of critical strategies that most outpatient clinicians aren't aware of. 

Aiming to help primary care teams to close knowledge gaps for continually changing care practices for COVID, Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN) is excited to announce a new 10-episode podcast miniseries within our ‘On the Move with MCN’ podcast: ‘COVID’s Lasting Impact: Caring for Immigrant, Migrant and Asylee Patients.’

Meeting the needs of clinical teams, including community health workers and primary care clinicians, the new series uses interviews and discussions with clinical experts, frontline providers, and social scientists to address clinical care for COVID in the outpatient setting. 

Listeners will get access to up-to-date information, expert guidance, resources, and relatable case stories for identifying, treating, and managing COVID and long COVID among US-based immigrant, migrant, asylee, and limited English proficient (LEP) patients. Podcast guests will share their thoughts about the latest updates impacting COVID care, including interventions, health promotion, and protocols for improving the quality of this care for vulnerable populations.

This series expands upon MCN’s extensive experience moving quickly to keep clinicians informed on the rapidly altering COVID landscape through its virtual education and resources that consider the continuum of clinician expertise, resource availability, access to more intensive care, and variability of clinic settings, and builds upon our commitment to providing timely, practical solutions at the intersection of vulnerability, migration, and health.

The information in this podcast is for trained health care professional education only. Information should only be used in combination with up-to-date national and international guidelines. The information is not to be used as health care advice for the general public.

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