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Five on Friday: Long COVID and Viral Reservoirs

   Five on Friday: Long COVID

Friday has arrived! Every week, we here at Migrant Clinicians Network share the ups and downs in the worlds of migrant health, health justice, and public health. Here, we gather the top five we wanted to share with you, including one Weekly Win. Have a great weekend.  

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A mother and child

Where to pump, and when to do it? Aníbal forwarded on the revised rules from the Department of Labor. Fact Sheet #73: FLSA Protections for Employees to Pump Breast Milk at Work

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A child and a doctor

Esther forwarded this news ahead of Title 42's end next week. Biden to Send Active-Duty Troops to the Southern Border as COVID Restrictions End

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An illustration of long covid

Robert sends a h/t to Eric Topol for this piece. Why Viral Reservoirs are a Prime Suspect for Long COVID Sleuths

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Connections between points

Kaethe says: “It’s good to remember that loneliness is a personal and a public health problem with a cure: social connection.” She offered up the Surgeon General’s Advisory: The Healing Effects of Social Connection

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 A vaccinated person

Weekly Win: Robert celebrated the world's first approved RSV vaccine for adults 60 and older, which was found to be 82% effective at preventing lower respiratory tract illness caused by RSV in clinical trials! Next is CDC approval, which is expected to come soon, in order for the vaccine to be available in the fall. FDA Approves First Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Vaccine

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Have a safe and healthy weekend!