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Five on Friday: International Translation Day 2023

    Five on Friday: International Translation Day 2023

Tomorrow is International Translation Day! The United Nations declared the day to “pay tribute to the work of language professionals, which plays an important role in bringing nations together, facilitating dialogue, understanding and cooperation, contributing to development and strengthening world peace and security.” Here at Migrant Clinicians Network, we have our own Translation and Communications Coordinator on staff: Mónica Fossi! For the last year, Mónica has been instrumental in our push for language justice, translating from English to Spanish and Spanish to English, getting our Spanish-language blog rolling including implementing NotiViernes, our Five on Friday en español. She is accompanied by many staff members who step up to translate when needed and a team of great interpreters who assist us during webinars and other live events. Thank you, MCN translation team! On to Five on Friday: here are some picks for the week. 


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Alma G. that it's not too late to celebrate Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, which occurred last week. Learn more at the Coalition on Adult Basic Education webpage. National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week


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Amy recommended this interview with Tim Dunn, on militarization of the US-Mexico border. Blockading the Border: A Q&A with Timothy Dunn on the 30th Anniversary of Operation Hold the Line


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Mónica shared the CBS News piece: COVID Vaccine During Pregnancy Still Helps Protect Newborns, CDC Finds  


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Claire forwarded on the Civil Eats article, on the practice that climate change is making increasingly common: Nighttime Harvests Protect Farmworkers From Extreme Heat, but Bring Other Risks

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Weekly Win: Kaethe says the newly established National Office of Gun Violence is a step forward. Listen to the PBS NewsHour's take on it. What You Need to Know about the New Federal Gun Violence Prevention Office

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Have a safe and healthy weekend!