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Celebrating a Year of Health and Community: Austin VdS by the Numbers

Celebrating a year of health

From vaccination clinics to specialized health screenings and educational sessions, the Ventanilla de Salud (VdS) in Austin, Texas has made a lasting impact on the well-being of the community. Managed under the fiscal agency of Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN) since 2016, Austin VdS has not only sustained its mission but has also achieved important milestones in the past year. Join us in celebrating the accomplishments that have positively impacted the lives of many.

A person being vaccinated

Vaccination Clinics and Partnerships

The VdS offers regular health fairs at the Mexican Consulate that feature vaccination clinics offering free vaccines to the community, as well as numerous other services, education, and specialized clinics. One of the cornerstones of VdS's success lies in forging new alliances and expanding services within the consulate facilities for our community. In 2023, Austin VdS conducted a total of 21 clinics in collaboration with the City of Austin Health Department, Walgreens, CommUnity Care, and Ascencion. The vaccines administered during these clinics covered a wide spectrum, including COVID-19, Tdap, Human Papillomavirus, Pneumococcal, Zoster (shingles), Influenza, Hepatitis A and B, Chickenpox, MMR, and Mpox. This comprehensive approach underscores VdS's commitment to ensuring the overall health and safety of the community. Through these clinics, a total of 2,721 screenings were administered.

Celebrating a year of health

Specialized Clinics and Women's Health

Austin VdS partnered with the National Kidney Foundation to organize kidney screening clinics, providing 378 kidney exams, blood pressure measurements, and body mass index assessments. For women's health, 36 mammograms, 18 gynecological exams, and 18 Pap smears were performed, while 55 HIV and STD tests were conducted for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

A virtual information session

Services and Educational Sessions

In response to the ongoing pandemic, Austin VdS has delivered 1,330 at-home COVID tests as of December, a testament to its dedication to public health. Additionally, 18 virtual information sessions were conducted via Facebook Live, addressing various health topics and community resources throughout 2023. 

A person receiving an eye exam

New Alliances and Collaborations

The year 2023 witnessed the establishment of significant collaborations. New partner Pinnacle Research stands out for providing 212 liver exams. Eye exams were provided for free to 239 people, and approximately 90% received glasses at no cost, thanks to the collaboration with Prevent Blindness Chapter Texas and Open Eyes Beyond Borders. Additionally, 65 people received vitamins, drops for allergies and dry eyes, as well as glasses for eye protection. During Binational Health Week in October, more than 70 organizations collaborated, offering a wide array of services, from vaccination to mental health talks.

Attendees at the women's conference

Community Engagement and Support

Austin VdS prioritized community education with ten monthly virtual sessions of "Charla Entre Mujeres," addressing mental health issues and fostering resilience among participants. These sessions garnered a total of 3,779 views. The annual Women's Conference in November, focused on Mental Health and Financial Freedom, marked the return to in-person events, drawing 66 in-person attendees and providing valuable insights and practical advice.

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