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Five on Friday: Healthcare, Shelters, and Emergencies

 Five on Friday: Healthcare, Shelters, and Emergencies

Happy New Year, Five on Friday fans! Welcome back to our weekly tradition, where we sort through all the news in migrant health and beyond and serve up five recommended pieces.  

bar dividerDid Renewable Energy’s Surge Keep Pace With a Radically Warming Climate?

Claire appreciated this rundown of 2023 from Inside Climate News – a great summary of the most important climate year yet, from scary weather to major policy breakthroughs to climate impacts on health. 

bar divider2024 Emergency Watchlist

Claire also recommended the International Rescue Committee's newest report: the 2024 Emergency Watchlist.
“As these areas continue to destabilize due to war, and political, ethnic, and climate crises, we’ll see more migration,” she said.

bar dividerUpdates to Statute 1557 that Healthcare Providers Need to Know

We know that health care providers cannot discriminate based on factors like race or ethnicity, and patients have rights in terms of language interpretation. Myrellis offered this video, which breaks down the specifics of the statute that delineates these rules, including changes in the last few years.

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Amy recommended This American Life's recent episode, Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, which talks about migrants in New York City.

bar divider FAQ: California offers undocumented immigrants health insurance

Weekly Win: Mónica forwarded this short piece from the right-leaning NewsNation on the big news out of California – finally, all people in California, regardless of age or authorization status, will be eligible for Medi-Cal, a significant step toward universal health care in the Golden State.

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Have a safe and healthy weekend!