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H1N1 Flu/Swine Flu

H1N1 Flu/Swine Flu

The CDC is the main source of all information on the swine flu. Clinicians are reminded that reasonable risk assessment should be employed for individuals presenting with symptoms and sound infection control strategies must remain in place. To keep up to date visit the CDC website

The Migrant Clinicians Network wants to reiterate the importance of caring for all of our patients regardless of the country of origin and encourage all clinicians to maintain our commitment to this vulnerable population.

Where to get the latest updates on H1N1 Influenza:



AAFP American Family Physician

To help you respond to the current H1N1 flu outbreak and other infectious disease challenges your practice will face in the future, the AAFP journals are publishing three new articles online, prior to print publication.

The following articles are available free and in full text online; they will be printed in future issues of the journals:

American Family Physician

Family Practice Management

H1N1 Patient Education Resource

We encourage everyone to review our patient education materials related to the flu. Included are resource about covering your mouth when coughing, the importance of washing our hands, simple things patients can do to protect themselves and their families, and the effects of stigmatization as a result of the swine flu, how to prevent stigmatization, and how to confront stigmatization when it arises, plus more.