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Position Statements

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Medical Injustices and human rights violations in detention must end

CHWs, Outreach  & Education  essential  to  Support Migrants When COVID-19 Vaccination  Arrives

Position Statement: Standing in Solidarity Against Racial Violence and Injustice

A worker at a meat processing plant

Migration Policy and COVID-19

MCN Denounces Decision to Allow the Implementation of Public Charge

Woman stands with her baby and daughter

Position Statement: Children Should Never Be Held in Detention

Position Statement: MCN Condemns Trump Administration Announcement of ICE Raids

Position Statement: Detention Facilities are Inappropriate for Children

asylum seekers

position statement - public charge

Support Refugee Families

Support Future Clinicians

MCN Stands with Puerto Rico - Support Disaster Relief

Position Statement - Immigrant Health Care

Position Statement - Support Health Justice

MCN Advocacy Worker Protection Standard




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