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Farmworker Board Member Recruitment

Migrant Health Newsline, Issue 1, 2013 by the National Center for Farmworker Health

How much do you know about your health center's Board of Directors? Do you know who makes up your health center board and what populations are represented? Your health center plays a vital role in the community it serves. Therefore, the members of a health center board should be a reflection of that community. As part of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Program Requirements, migrant and community health centers must have a farmworker representative on the board if that health center serves the farmworker community. Many benefits exist to having a farmworker board member. Although finding, recruiting, and keeping a farmworker representative on the board may sound like a difficult task, in this issue of Migrant Health Newsline, you will learn why this is so important, how it can be done successfully, and you will read about a health center's efforts to do just that.