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Webinar | Clinicians Sowing Seeds in Kansas: Providing Care for Vulnerable Populations Working in Agriculture


MCN webinar clinicians sowing seeds in kansas

DATE: February 21, 2017

SPEAKERS: Ed Zuroweste, MD




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Agriculture is also one of the most dangerous industries in the United States. For vulnerable populations working in agriculture, their lack of training, poor safety precautions, regulatory exclusions, lack of health insurance, language barriers, piece-rate pay, immigration status, and geographical and cultural isolation can put these workers at increased risk for occupationally related injuries and illnesses and chronic sequelae. Exposure to pesticides and other contaminants is a particular concern to agricultural workers and their families. This continuing education training will discuss health risks facing immigrant and migrant agricultural workers and their families as a result of their working conditions and environment, with a particular focus on Kansas. It will also highlight best practices and resources for the incorporation of environmental and occupational health in the practice setting, showcasing successful initiatives in primary care settings. Participants will explore the importance of and become familiar with the methods to integrate environmental and occupational health into the practice setting from the clinical perspective as well as consider these issues within the framework of social determinants of health.




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