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COVID-19 and Our Community - Flipchart

COVID-19 and Our Community: Better Safe Than Sorry! is an educational material to support the work of community health workers on COVID-19 and its prevention. It is complemented by a guide with concrete suggestions on how to use the flipchart and links to resources for those who want to delve deeper into the subject and investigate if there are any changes in the information.

The flipchart includes basic concepts of COVID-19, prevention and vaccination in the form of clear and simple messages that are supported by culturally appropriate illustrations to facilitate the process of communicating and transmitting information to community members. You can download these resources for free in both English and Spanish.

Failures of US Health Care System for Pregnant Asylum Seekers

Migrant Clinicians Network's white paper, “Failures of US Health Care System for Pregnant Asylum Seekers,” outlines how pregnant asylum seekers who have been released into the US to await their asylum hearing face extreme obstacles to secure prenatal care, despite their legal presence within the country.

Without prenatal care, infants will not have the benefit of early screening and treatment for potentially life-threatening diseases and screening for congenital abnormalities, while in utero. Additionally, pregnancies without prenatal care may result in excess utilization of emergency services which produces unforeseen strain on the health care system.

Knowledge of prenatal care needs, cost, lack of insurance, transportation, refusal by health centers, and fear are delineated as key barriers for pregnant asylum seekers from accessing the care they need during their pregnancy.

Press contact: Claire Hutkins Seda,

Environmental Education Curriculum

The primary goals of this project to be achieved through this curriculum are:

1) Increasing the capacity of students and community to think critically about environmental problems and the related decisions that affect human health and the environment as it relates to disaster preparation and response;

2) Increase community participation and collaboration with the goal of improving protections for human health and the environment as it relates to disaster preparation and response; and

3) Ensure chemical safety and safe water as it relates to disaster preparation and response.





  1. Currículo de educación ambiental: In this Spanish-language presentation, Alma Galván, MCH, Senior Program Manager of Occupational Health, provides an introduction to MCN’s environmental education curriculum presented in Puerto Rico.
  2. Agua Segura y seguridad con químicos: In this Spanish-language environmental education presentation, MCN’s Myrellis Muñiz-Márquez, MPH, Program Manager in Puerto Rico, shares tools to stay safe from chemical exposure, contaminated water, and non-point source pollution, before, during, and after a disaster.
  3. Emergencias y desastres: In this Spanish-language environmental education presentation, MCN’s Marysel Pagán-Santana, DrPH, MS, Senior Program Manager in Puerto Rico, identifies the environmental and health risks of disasters and encourages prevention measures and planning to protect individual and community health during and after emergencies.



Safe Water resources

Safe Water | Environmental Education Resources


Emergency and Disaster Management

Emergency and Disaster Management | Environmental Education Resources



El mundo continúa lidiando con COVID-19 y no se alcanza la inmunidad colectiva y el escepticismo, resistencia y vacilaciones sobre las vacunas continúa representando un gran obstáculo. Durante los primeros meses del esfuerzo de vacunación, el cineasta Chris Newberry y su equipo siguieron a un conjunto diverso de profesionales de la salud mientras ganaban la confianza de las comunidades en riesgo en todo Minnesota. El documental resultante es un tributo a los médicos, enfermeras, organizadores y personas influyentes que están adoptando los esfuerzos liderados por la comunidad para superar las dudas sobre las vacunas.

Las guías de discusión para el documental se pueden encontrar aquí: Ingles / Español


Conversación con los creadores de la película y un panel de expertos:

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Questions for staff to address current organizational tensions

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This colorful vaccine calendar comic gives low-literacy information on vaccines and some information on why adults need immunizations, too. Available in high resolution to download and print into poster size.