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Sharing Your Story with the Media

Sharing Your Story with the Media

Man sharing story with journalist

As a leader in migrant health justice, Migrant Clinicians Network is frequently called upon for perspective, information, and resources on the health effects of policies and recent events on migrant and immigrant populations in the US.  In the last year, we have been contacted by almost every major US newspaper and news network. Many regional journalists have also reached out. Often, journalists want to hear patients’ stories, from the clinician or from the patients themselves.

We need your help. MCN relies on you to help bring these stories to the general public. By doing so, we alert the general population about the health needs of a largely invisible population, the inequity of care, the public health repercussions of national policy, and more. We change the national conversation around immigrant and migrant health. We save lives. 

What happens when you select ‘yes’ on the poll:
MCN’s Writer and Editor, Claire Hutkins Seda will call you to hear your perspective and needs and determine the best process.

What happens when you select ‘yes’ on the poll:
MCN’s Writer and Editor, Claire Hutkins Seda will contact you if a journalist calls MCN with questions relating to your geographical region, expertise, or experience.

Will you share my information with journalists?
We will never send a journalist your contact information. If a journalist contacts us, and we believe you would be the best fit, we will send the journalist’s contact information to you via email. We ask that you keep us apprised of your conversations with the journalist so we can assure the journalist has made the connection.

What about patients?
MCN never shares patient information with journalists, nor do we expect you to do so.