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Witness to Witness: New Resources to Meet Clinicians in This Moment


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Witness to Witness (W2W) is a program of Migrant Clinicians Network that seeks to build resilience both individually and organizationally for those working with historically marginalized populations. Throughout the pandemic, health care providers have suffered from primary and secondary trauma, stress, empathic stress, moral distress, and moral injury. To support clinicians on the frontlines, W2W provides a range of services, the primary component being online seminars. The online seminars are unique in that participation is encouraged during the presentation. During these seminars, the Zoom chat feature is used to form community and allow participants to share their experiences. W2W peer support groups and learning collaboratives for managers offer participants the same opportunity as the online seminars but in a much more intimate setting. These groups are designed to help health care workers feel less alone and share their unique experiences and challenges with one another.  Two and half years into the pandemic, health care workers continue to face challenges that make it difficult to find time to care of themselves; therefore, W2W has created additional support resources that are short but impactful:

Reasonable Hope: In our six-episode podcast, W2W program staff discuss moral injury, chronic sorrow, micro-aggressions, self-compassion, and the practice of reasonable hope. All six episodes of Reasonable Hope are now available on most podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple, and Google.

Monthly blog post: Once a month, W2W Founder and Director Kaethe Weingarten, PhD, provides perspective and resources on common concerns that clinicians are experiencing, particularly throughout the pandemic. Recent posts include:

New Resources: Dr. Weingarten and her team also generate new resources regularly. Most are available for download in English and Spanish. Recent additions include: 

Online Seminars/Webinars: Some recent online seminars are archived on the MCN website, including:

Visit the Witness to Witness webpage for numerous resources in English and Spanish, to sign up for Dr. Weingarten’s bimonthly newsletter, and to keep up to date on upcoming trainings: 


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