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TB Net: Global Tuberculosis Management

TB Net: Global Tuberculosis Management

LOGO: TBNet Logo"In the past six years of working for the TB Program of Health Service Region 8, TBNet has proven to be a valuable weapon in that battle against the spread of TB. The patients have and are now receiving the continuity of care that was lacking in those earlier years. Thank you for being a reliable resource.”

Hope V. Alvarado, R.N., B.S.N.
Department of State Health Services
Health Service Region 8


TB Net is a multi-national tuberculosis patient tracking and referral program designed to keep mobile, underserved populations in care. Treatment for these populations is complicated by the fact that many, are unable to remain in a given location long enough to complete the lengthy TB treatment regimen.

TB Net is one arm of Migrant Clinicians Network’s (MCN) Health Network, which works with health care providers to offer bridge case management services to mobile patients under care for a wide range of primary care conditions including diabetes, cancer screening and treatment and pregnancy. TB Net’s patient base includes migrant workers, the homeless, immigration detainees, and prison parolees Cases are managed by trained bilingual staff with oversight by MCN’s Chief Medical Officer.

Enrollment in TB Net is free but must be initiated by a health care provider. Forms can be completed by health center staff or by having a TB Net representative interview the patient by telephone.

 Enrollment requires:

  1. CONSENT FOR RELEASE OF MEDICAL INFORMATION section (signed and dated by the patient)
  2. PARTICIPANT INFORMATION SHEET section (including the patient’s working phone number(s) and intended address)
  3. Medical records and/or summary of next steps

Once a patient is enrolled, TB Net will establish regular contact with both the patient and the treating clinician to document treatment adherence. Before a case can be closed, MCN’s Chief Medical Officer reviews every record for accuracy and completion. At the conclusion of treatment, TB Net notifies the enrolling clinic as well as the state or regional TB Control person that the patient has completed treatment.

Throughout its 17 years of operation TB Net has enrolled thousands of patients and worked with almost 3,000 clinics in U.S. and over 70 countries. In 2010 TB Net received the 2010 Border Models of Excellence in Tuberculosis Surveillance and Control award from the U.S.–México Border Health Commission.

For more information about TB Net, please contact:

Ricardo Garay
Health Network Manager
PO Box 164285
Austin, TX 78716
(800) 825-8205