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Director of Community Engagement and Worker Training

Migrant Clinicians Network

Alma Galván, MHC (she/her/ella), is the Director of Community Engagement and Worker Training with MCN. Bicultural and bilingual, Galván has worked for more than three decades to improve the health of communities disadvantaged by structural inequities in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Latin America. Her work has focused on a broad range of public health topics including infectious diseases, environmental health and justice, climate justice, worker health and safety, drug prevention, water and sanitation, cultural competency, and community development water and sanitation. She has worked with community-based organizations and international agencies such as the Pan American Health Organization. At Migrant Clinicians Network, she fosters innovative and participatory approaches to building capacity among immigrant and migrant communities and other underserved populations. She contributes to the development, implementation, and evaluation of multiple projects. Galván has extensive expertise in providing technical assistance and developing culturally contextual curricula and educational materials for Limited English Proficiency and low-literacy adult learners, community health workers, health professionals, health educators, and clinicians. Her unique approach to adult learning and expansive expertise in community-based approaches to health promotion helped hundreds of community health workers, clinicians and health department personnel bring culturally contextual COVID-19 resources and strategies to immigrant and migrant communities in order to promote vaccination and address mis/disinformation. Galván has worked extensively with MCN partners, community-based organizations, health agencies, and local and state health departments promoting health equity through language access and cultural competency. Galván has a strong health and social science background and has designed, implemented, and assessed programs for over 30 years. Galván is bilingual in English and Spanish. She is passionate and committed to addressing health inequities and lessening disparities. In her free time, Galván spends time with her family, and enjoys movies, reading, and learning about different cultures.