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Program Manager, Puerto Rico

Migrant Clinicians Network

Myrellis Muñiz-Márquez (they/them, she/her, his/him) is a Program Manager at Migrant Clinicians Network, where they advocate for health promotion, equity, and justice in Puerto Rico. As a public health professional, their aim is to improve the quality and access to health services for underserved and minority populations, as well as help remedy emerging public health issues on the island. As program manager, they manage and develop projects that seek to meet the health needs of vulnerable communities in Puerto Rico, as well as meet the needs of the health personnel who serve them. They provide support through technical assistance, development of resources, facilitation of educational activities, implementation of research projects, and management and analysis of data, among others. Through their work, they build an extensive network composed of healthcare and public health professionals, researchers, organizations, and community-based groups. Muñiz-Márquez has worked with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), the Brystol Myers Squibb Foundation (BMSF), among others. They previously served as a Research Coordinator and Assistant in studies related to the effects of prenatal maternal stress caused by Hurricane Maria on children’s health and development, the environmental etiology of non-syndromic orofacial malformations, and community risk communication in vector-borne diseases. They graduated from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus with a Master's degree in Public Health and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico Humacao Campus.