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Health Network Associate


Robert Corona (he/him/él) is a multilingual health justice professional with nearly a decade of experience assisting migrant patients in maintaining continuity of care. He earned his degree in Linguistics from the University of Texas, Austin in 2010. Corona joined MCN in 2016 after traveling the world and gaining invaluable insights into the challenges faced by underserved communities worldwide. 
At MCN, Corona serves as a Health Network Associate, ensuring seamless continuity of health care services for patients regardless of where they go. His expertise lies in tuberculosis cases, where he facilitates connections between migrants and local health departments to initiate TB treatment. Since many patients return to their home countries, Corona ensures that health care services there are prepared to receive the patients and equipped to support them throughout their treatment journey. Corona continues to oversee these international cases until they patient is cleared of TB.
Fluent in Spanish, French, and Portuguese, Corona is also currently learning Nahuatl. He leverages his linguistic skills to communicate effectively with patients globally, managing cases across the world including Ethiopia, India, and the Philippines.
Outside of his professional responsibilities, Corona enjoys pursuing freelance photography and actively participates in various activities and initiatives within the Latino/Indigenous community.