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"Global Health Nursing": New Book Features Chapter Written by MCN’s Candace Kugel

Global Health NursingNurses providing care to diverse populations around the world are highlighted in the newly published Global Health Nursing: Narratives from the Field. The book provides firsthand accounts of the challenges and rewards of providing high-quality care in often less-than-ideal clinical settings, and in sometimes dangerous political situations, around the globe.

Candace Kugel, FNP, CMN, MCN’s Specialist in Clinical Systems and Women’s Health, contributed a chapter to the book entitled, “Here Among Us: Caring for Migrant and Immigrant Patients in Rural United States”, which takes an inward look at global health nursing in the US. MCN’s CEO, Karen Mountain, contributed to the introductory statement. Former MCN Board Chair Kim Larson also contributed a chapter called “Mi Camino, Mis Compañeros: My Journey, My Colleagues.”

The book is split into three sections, to provide a deeper look at global health nursing in a clinical setting, as an avocation, and in research and consulting. The book also provides key resources to nurses looking to explore the world of global health nursing. Please join us in applauding Candace for the publication of her chapter, the result of much hard work over the years. Congratulations, Candace!