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Weekly Round-Up | April 10, 2015

Happy Friday! Time for our weekly rundown of interesting pieces of news and more from our team at MCN.

Maps, maps, maps: Ricardo, Health Network Manager, found this new map visualizing the health profile of every county in the US, which notes that “40% of counties are going backwards.”


Charlotte, Development Coordinator, responded with a link to this map with county health ratings.


Ricardo added one more map to the list, which shows which is the deadliest infectious disease for each country of the world.  


Speaking of health, Kerry, our Environmental and Occupational Health Program Associate, signed onto Pesticide Action Network's petition supporting the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee's recommendation to include sustainability in the 2015 US Dietary Guidelines. She says she’s “excited to see a public/environmental health angle on nutrition happening on a broader scale.”

From Theressa,Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator: “National Center for Farmworker Health is continuing its webinar series on Health Center Requirements, on April 16th, with its eighth installment on Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance, co-presented by MCN’s own Candace Kugel!”