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Weekly Round-Up | April 3, 2015

MCN Weekly Round-Up

Happy Friday! Here’s our weekly rundown of interesting videos, programs, and stories, on migrant health and beyond, as recommended by MCN’s own staff. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to receive updates on our blog posts.
Kerry, Environmental and Occupational Health Program Associate, updated our group on the ongoing Baja farmworkers’ strikes.

From Jillian, Director of Education and Professional Development: The Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations is beginning a webinar series this week entitled Practice Transformation.

Elodie, Health Network Associate sent us a link: Homero, a fellow Health Network Associate, “currently has a patient who is transgender, and I came across this and thought I would share! It's a short clip about the unique experiences intersex people face, and they talk about the difference between intersex and transgender. It's pretty interesting.”

Olivia, Health Network Associate, recommended a Radio Lab episode, which profiles Los Frikis, an 80s Cuban punk band whose members injected themselves with HIV-positive blood -- and inspired a movement. A fascinating story of youth, powerlessness, and illness.

On a lighter note, Tiffy, Communications & Graphic Designer, reminded us that next week is National Public Health Week!