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Five on Friday | August 21, 2015

Five on FridayThere’s lots to learn from this week’s list of health justice news and notes, recommended by MCN staff. Have you ever heard of carbon nanotubes? Can you guess the most commonly held job by immigrants in Maine? Read on to find out.

1. Karen, CEO, saw that HRSA announced $169 million in new health center funding.

2. Del, Director of International Projects, Research, and Development, offered up this map from Business Insider on the most commonly held job by immigrants in each state.

3. Kerry, Environmental and Occupational Health Program Associate, pulled this sentence from a Mother Jones article on a pesticide adjuvant: “Carbon nanotubes are one of the most controversial nanoparticles—often compared to asbestos for their ability to lodge into the lungs and cause trouble when they're breathed in.”  

4. Ileana, Senior Advisor for Scientific and Strategic Planning, forwarded on this 2015 Health Literacy Report from the The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (requires a few steps to download as a guest or to create an account).

5. Claire, Writer and Editor, loves articles that have “smackdown” in the title, and this Farmworker Justice post is no exception. The post reviews the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals writ that ordered the EPA to act on a 2007 petition to ban chlorpyrifos.

Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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