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Five on Friday | August 28, 2015

Five on FridayMigrant Clinicians Network staff had lots to share this week. Here are the top five reads that we recommend to you.

1. Del, Director of International Projects, Research, and Development, offered up this interactive tool that “makes it easy to see how antibiotic resistance for four bacteria transmitted commonly through food has changed during the last 18 years.”

2. Homero, Health Network Associate, introduced some of the staff to Chikungunya, the virus spread by mosquitos that recently arrived in the US and is gaining international attention.

3. Ileana, Senior Advisor for Scientific and Strategic Planning, noted that Miami Dade School of Continuing Education is offering community health worker certifications in Spanish and in English. Scroll down on the main page to view the offering.

4. Ricardo, Health Network Manager, quoted from this Health Affairs blog post: "It’s evident that the global diabetes epidemic now threatens to undermine the tremendous progress we’ve made against TB."

5. Paul, Financial Associate, forwarded on this Guardian article on pesticides, GMO crops, and birth defects in Hawaii. 

Hope you enjoyed the reads as much as we did. Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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