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Health Network Video Series: Ongoing Care for Your Enrolled Patients

This week, Migrant Clinicians Network released the final installation in our video series on Health Network, MCN’s bridge case management program for mobile patients. 

How does Health Network guarantee continuity of care? We rely on migrant clinicians all over the world, who enroll patients in Health Network and update medical records of their Health Network patients as the season comes to a close. This short video helps clinicians better understand the steps to maintain patients in care through Health Network, throughout the year.

The entire video series -- in English with Spanish subtitles -- is perfect for sharing with clinicians at your clinic who have yet to use Health Network. It’s also a great refresher for those of us who have encountered Health Network before, but haven’t used it in a while.

Please share our videos with your colleagues and networks, through email, newsletters, and social media. And, please enroll your mobile patients in Health Network. Together, we can ensure that mobile patients get the care they need.

Health Network is one of many resources that Migrant Clinicians Network provides free of charge. Support our work with a contribution.

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