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Five on Friday | July 10, 2015

Five on FridayOur work is focused on migrants in the US, but that work necessarily encompasses borders that are thousands of miles away. This week’s Five on Friday takes us around the world and into our own backyard to explore the cultures and policies that shape the day-to-day life of migrants.

1. Alma, Health Network Associate, shared this LA Times article on the serious and underreported political turmoil in Honduras and Guatemala. 

2. Kerry, Environmental and Occupational Health Program Associate, shared this Earthjustice release on the EPA’s call for comments on chlorpyrifos, a dangerous pesticide. The comment period, which begins in April, 2016, is the first step to banning the pesticide. 

3. Olivia, Health Network Associate, says that “many of my patients are Somali refugees, so I really connected with this week’s episode of This American Life,” which tells the story of a Somali immigrant and the green card lottery.

4. Amy, Environmental and Occupational Health Director, recommends this New York Times article on farmworker movements around the country working to secure equitable wages and fair working and living conditions. 

5. To take you into your weekend: Homero, Health Network Associate, passed along this NPR article with stunning pictures, about a duo in Peru, who are experts in the folk art of decorating gourds.

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