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Five on Friday | July 17, 2015

Five on FridayThis week’s Five on Friday provides new clinical resources, articles on migrant perspectives and realities, and, of course, the obligatory light-hearted TED Talk, all recommended by MCN staff.

1. Charlotte, Development Coordinator, offered this piece from the Texas Observer, on immigrant mothers unable to attain birth certificates for their US-born children. Migrant clinicians, particularly in Texas, may want to ask women coming in for their baby's wellness exams: Did you secure a birth certificate for your newborn? 

2. Tiffy, our Graphic Designer, is also a certified book nerd. “I love reading immigrant stories, for the new perspective like this article talks about."

3. Theressa, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, recommends these CDC-created Skin Cancer Prevention Fact Sheets, “especially the fact sheets for outdoor worksites and families are available in English and Spanish.”

4. Ricardo, Health Network Manager, forwarded the now-infamous Fusion story stating that migrant shelter directors estimate that 80% of Central American migrant women and girls suffer from sexual assault while in transit to the US.

5. Here’s a lighthearted one, to end your week: Elodie, Health Network Associate, saw this TED talk a while ago: “It's about a gardener in LA who lives in a food desert and has brought his community together by transforming abandoned lots into gardens!”

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