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Five on Friday | June 19, 2015

Five on FridayOur “Five on Friday” blog posts are always a joyous reminder of how many organizations are working toward the same goals: health justice, a voice for marginalized populations like the mobile poor, rights for farmworkers… It’s thrilling to hear what other organizations are up to, and how we can lean on each other to grow our movement stronger. Plus, it’s Friday -- that’s a joyous thing, too, for those of us on a five-day work week. Enjoy this week’s collection of recommendations, and have a safe and healthy weekend!

1. Candace, Specialist in Clinical Systems & Women’s Health, sent us this study in the Lancet Global Health, entitled “Achieving gender equality to reduce intimate partner violence against women.” Interesting article, especially in light of Del's upcoming webinar about trauma-based care.

2. MCN loves Hesperian. Jillian recommended Hesperian’s new Workers & Health guide; Candace also noted that all the images in the new guide and from many of Hesperian’s guides are now downloadable at Hesperian Images, an online library of over 12,000 illustrations.

3.  Theressa let us know about a three-part series on Oral Health Across the Lifespan. The series runs on June 23rd, July 7th, and July 21st

4. Theressa reminded us that June 27th is National HIV Testing Day. Our friends at Farmworker Justice are offering free informational packets handouts to interested organizations in anticipation of the day. Materials, including fact sheets, posters, and palm cards, are in English and Spanish. Visit this Farmworker Justice post for more information.

5. Claire, Writer and Editor, learned about Al Jazeera’s new Fault Lines film entitled, “Invisible Hands.” The documentary, about the plight of Baja California farmworkers for a better wage, airs on Monday, June 22nd at 10pm Eastern /7pm Pacific on Al Jazeera’s cable network. Find out if you have Al Jazeera on your cable network here

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