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MCN Offers New Bilingual Picture Dictionary for Health & Safety in Agriculture

Picture Dictionary

Migrant Clinicians Network is very pleased to offer you a new suite of materials to prevent workplace injury -- all for free. Our Spanish-English Bilingual Picture Dictionary, Seguridad en Palabras/Safety in Words, illustrates occupational hazards and best practices for health and safety in agriculture. Ideal for workers, supervisors, community health workers, English as a Second Language (ESL) trainers, agricultural extension agents and others involved with farming, the Bilingual Picture Dictionary clearly and concisely provides vocabulary to help workers and supervisors communicate in order to make their workplaces safer.

Covers a wide range of workplace settings: The Bilingual Picture Dictionary depicts common settings workers encounter in dairy and other agricultural operations, and the vocabulary needed in those settings, including important words related to: chemicals and personal protective equipment; milking parlor and animal holding areas; farm machinery and equipment; and emergency situations.

Thoroughly reviewed: In keeping with our mission to ensure our materials are relevant and field-tested, MCN conducted extensive formative evaluation to develop and test the picture dictionary concept, as well as the illustrations and the vocabulary. The pictionary was reviewed by workers, farmers, producers, experts in agricultural safety and health at the National Farm Medicine Center (NFMC), Patricia Juárez-Carrillo, PhD, MPH, an expert in popular education, and Shaun J. Duvall, a professional interpreter working with dairy farms throughout Wisconsin. MCN revised the illustrations and vocabulary based on feedback from these reviewers.

Full curriculum available: Each page of the Bilingual Picture Dictionary is complemented by an OSHA-approved ESL safety and health learning module, available for download on our website. Each of the five ESL modules, which include a lesson plan and materials, guides trainers in presenting the health and safety trainings in an effective, low-literacy, and culturally-sensitive way. The lessons are available for download on the Communicating Safety webpage on the MCN website.

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