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A Bridge Between Two Worlds | 30 Days, 30 Clinicians

MNC Hilton Perez [Editor’s Note: Happy Birthday, Migrant Clinicians Network! To celebrate our 30th anniversary this month, we are highlighting one clinician each day who has been honored in 30 Clinicians Making a Difference​​​, in which we profile the work of 30 diverse migrant clinicians from across the country and abroad.]

On the north end of the Central Valley lies the mid-size college town of Chico, which is famous for its incredibly rich soils and for the acres and acres of almonds, walnuts, fruit trees, and vegetables that grow in those soils. Along with that history of agriculture comes low-income farmworkers and their families.

Two organizations of note focused on farmworkers operate out of Chico. Ampla Health is a Federally Qualified Health Center serving Chico and the agricultural communities around it. Also, MCN has a California office in Chico, home to four employees focused on education, professional development, and communication. The two came together for 30 Clinicians Making a Difference, when MCN’s Director of Education and Professional Development, Jillian Hopewell, MPA, MA, interviewed Ampla’s Healthcare Administrator, Hilton Perez, MD, EMBA-HA, MT (ASCP). The results of the interview are an inside look into the world of an administrator with experience as a clinician. The local honor was featured this week in Chico’s weekly news and entertainment paper, the Chico News & Review. Be sure to read the complete profile here.

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