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Everybody Smiles in the Same Language | 30 Days, 30 Clinicians

MNC Charita Olabiyi [Editor’s Note: Happy Birthday, Migrant Clinicians Network! To celebrate our 30th anniversary this month, we are highlighting one clinician each day who has been honored in 30 Clinicians Making a Difference​​​, in which we profile the work of 30 diverse migrant clinicians from across the country and abroad. This week, we are featuring the five honored clinicians located near MCN's Salisbury, Maryland office.]

This Friday is the meeting of the Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Advisory Council, organized by Westside Family Healthcare in Delaware. The council serves as a “common ground for direct service organizations to touch base, to ensure that all the migrants are being reached by the various programs they're eligible for,” and more, says Kerry Brennan, MCN’s Environmental and Occupational Health Program Associate.

One of our 30 Clinicians Making a Difference, Charita Olabiyi, is the co-chair of the council. She coordinates between the various organizations on relevant events, on the location on Eastern Shore migrants, and on their schedules, like when they arrive for the season; the majority typically arrive after Independence Day. This is just one of the many ways that Olabiyi is making a difference at Westside Family Healthcare -- by ensuring that her health center is working closely with other organizations with similar missions in her region, to share resources and information, and assure that the target populations are being reached. Read her whole profile here.

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