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Five on Friday | May 22, 2015

MCN Five on FridayThe Friday before Memorial Day weekend! Perhaps you’re already headed to the campsite, or to your mother-in-law’s house, or perhaps you envision a quiet weekend at home. No matter what your fancy, MCN has a few great suggestions on what to read this weekend.

1. Karen, MCN’s CEO, passed along a short editorial in the newest issue of the Lancet: “There are so many research questions contained in this little piece. Chief among them are those that surround the issue of [Hispanics'] decreased access to health care and the 24 percent lower risk of all risk mortality.”

2. Ricardo, Health Network Manager, sent us an NPR article about patients under the difficult and long treatment for drug-resistant tuberculosis, which highlights the story of a farmworker in Peru whose care is managed by Partners in Health.

3. Tiffy, Graphic Designer, ran across this heartwarming story of pharmacy students at the University of Georgia supplying new boots to migrant workers. 

4. Elisa, Continuing Education Assistant, shared a new resource added to MCN’s Resource page from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, entitled “Interactive Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis: What The Clinician Should Know.”

5. Theressa, Training & Technical Assistance Coordinator, offered National Immigration Law Center’s announcement of an opening for the job of Deputy Director in California.

Have a great three-day weekend!