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Five on Friday | May 8, 2015

Happy Friday! We are really enjoying our daily blog posts highlighting our honored clinicians each day for 30 Clinicians Making a Difference, but the migrant health world certainly hasn’t stopped for our anniversary month. Here are our top five of the week, chosen by MCN staff:

1. Del, Director of International Research and Development, found this “beautiful video on backstretch workers,” the migrant population who works with professional racehorses, just a week after the Kentucky Derby.

2. Jennie McLaurin, Specialist in Child and Migrant Health and Bioethics, recently spoke with the filmmaker of The Real Death Valley, which is available in full on the website. Karen, our CEO, noted that “this is one of the most powerful films I've seen. It really helps to answer the ‘why,’ and brings you right to the ‘What would I do? I would do the same thing.’”

3. Jillian, Director of Professional Development and Education, offered a new research study showing that health center providers are “key players” in combatting the sex trafficking of children. Check out the press release from the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO).

4. Jillian also sent along Farmworker Justice’s new report from Department of Labor statistics: “The report concludes that despite some recent improvements, more enforcement is necessary in order to improve the conditions in our fields.”

5. Del saw that the US Health and Human Services Announced $101 Million In Affordable Care Act Funding To 164 New Community Health Centers.

Be sure to check in for our daily blogs this whole month, along with our weekly Friday readers -- and enjoy your weekend.